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about the book

Game 4A Game is an illustrated compendium of accessible and inclusive indoor and outdoor games in the form of a small, colourful and easy to carry book. The book endorses the many benefits that playing games bring to people of all backgrounds and abilities, including:

Game 4A Game contains over 60 different games and activities.

The growth of social media and increasing time spent by people in a sedentary position, in front of a TV, computer screen or gaming console does not make for social interaction. Two people talking on Facebook is only words on a computer, we cannot see the other persons reaction or sense their feelings as we do when we talk face to face.

breaking down barriers

The games in this book can break down barriers. For example it can encourage a shy person to do something successfully with others which would be too embarrassing to do on their own. The shy person will grow in confidence the more they interact with their peers.

In this book the games are designed to improve the abilities of those taking part in an environment of fun and competition. The games will release energy, help develop team spirit, co-operation, leadership and confidence.

How to get the best from this book


Girl playing on a space hopper.

Dear Pat,
Thank you for sending me your lovely games booklet; I really appreciate it having two boisterous boys of my own. We had lots of fun over the summer trying out the games. They loved playing all of the traditional fun games which got them physically active and away from their computer and gaming consoles. I have to say it gave them more energy and better appetites and much improved sleep in the evenings. I take off my hat to you and thanks again. The booklet is very easy to read and understand and nicely illustrated with fun character and the caricature of yourself being particularly good.

As timing would have it, on the return of my youngest child to school in September the Principal sent out a letter requesting parents to send in any traditional playground games that they used to play themselves when they were young. With your permission I loaned my booklet to the school which is an integrated and very inclusive school with children with special needs and disabilities attending the school and it was pleasing to see that the illustrations actually featured a wheelchair user. The book was a great success.

Each day my 6 year old would come home with great tales of the games they played at school, his favourites being dodge ball and cat and mouse. He was able to explain exactly how cat and mouse is played. It shows that the games are very educational and teaches the kids to listen carefully, follow instructions and learn to take turns. The children show such innocence when playing these games which is as it should be in our 'techno' modern age. At home we play hide and seek and blind man's buff a lot and the laughter it brings is next to nothing.

In summary the booklet is entertaining, educational, and inclusive, teaches sharing and would be a great tool if included in playground and gym halls in schools, youth clubs and play centres around the country.

Good luck Pat with your publication and thanks for sharing it with me.

  • Catherine O'Hare
  • Strabane
  • Co. Tyrone

Hi Pat,
Just to let you know we used your Game-4A-Game book on a recent outing to Lady Dixon Park. It proved to be very popular with our 8-14 year olds as well as our 16-18 year olds.

The senior members took charge of leading the games and found the book to be user friendly and inclusive.

The games were exciting and fun with everyone taking part. The book is very manageable i.e. its size, colourful animations and categorisation of games were especially useful. All in all, the group enjoyed the whole games experience.

We will be using your book throughout the year as part of our programme.

  • Thomas Turley
  • Youth Worker
  • Ardoyne Youth Club

If you would like to find out more about Game 4A Game or have any comments about the book please get in touch and we will do our very best to help!